DAWG Pretzel Run

DAWG Pretzel Run Agility Showcase See dogs of all sizes and breeds run the agility course which includes a giant 80 ft. pretzel tunnel!

DAWG Pretzel Run Agility Showcase

Thursday, September 18

6:30 pm in the Paulaner Biergarten

Oom-PAW! For it's fifth year, the Dallas Agility Working Group (DAWG) brings dogs of all breeds and sizes to run an agility obstacle course which includes a giant 80-foot pretzel tunnel! This year the group is supporting Dog Scouts of America Troop 119's effort to supply pet oxygen masks to area fire departments. Two sets will be donated to the Addison Fire Department at the event.


ABOUT DAWG (Dallas Agility Working Group)

In 1985 a group of agility enthusiasts came together to form Dallas Agility Working GroupóDAWGóone of the first agility clubs in the US. Their mission was to promote the sport and to sponsor competitions open to everyone. Today, DAWG continues to promote agility through clinics, USDAA and AKC trials, and training classes, which are taught by club members and guest instructors.