Blueprints at Addison Circle

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Located in Addison Circle, this unique four-story sculpture offers a vision of Addison's past, present and future. A vase-like structure containing poles that reach out over the street are topped with five floating art panels, each a blueprint tracery of a phase in the town's development. Call 1-800-ADDISON for more information.

-Addison Circle is the vision of the Town of Addison and Columbus Realty, which is now Post Properties.

-Columbus Realty and the Town realized the significance of the circle and sought ideas on how to create a center for the development. They knew it needed to be large enough to make a statement, and Blueprints at Addison Circle was the exclamation point that the traffic circle needed.

-Addison's original vision was the result of an Addison 2020 visioning group that was made up of Addison business leaders, Council members, P & Z Commissioners, and residents.

-Blueprints at Addison Circle is located in Addison Circle at Quorum Drive and Addison Circle Drive.

-Stands 45 feet high and 140 feet across.

-Blueprints art piece weighs 410,000 pounds, each pole weighs 9,000 pounds. It took more than 650-gallons of custom-mixed, Sherwin Williams "Sharpie Blue" paint for the piece.

-Poles were made in Houston and tapered cones at the top of the poles were made in New Jersey.

-Big D Metalworks of Texas and their subcontractors fabricated the sculpture.

-General contractors for the sculpture were Westerchil Construction.

-Artists: Michael Van Valkenburgh and Mel Chin. Van Valkenburgh is a professor in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Chin is an artist, originally from Houston, now living in Burnsville, North Carolina and has been an artist in residence at University of Georgia and Stanford University.

-Blueprints at Addison Circle celebrates Addison's history and its future.

-The five petals of Blueprints at Addison Circle contain detailed elements from the blueprints used to build many of the city's buildings and parks.

-Grand "Unveiling" event: April 13, 2000 (6 - 8:30 p.m.) all Addison residents, businesses and employees invited.

-Total cost for the sculpture is 2.1 million dollars, of which Post Properties contributed $450,000.

For more information regarding Blueprints at Addison Circle, please call Director of Development Services Carmen Moran at 972-450-7018.



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