Operation Identification (ID)

The Addison Police Department is proud to participate in the crime prevention program Operation ID and bring this program to our community. Operation ID assists law enforcement with detecting, identifying and returning stolen property to its rightful owner while solving crimes.

Operation Identification (Operation ID) is a nationally recognized burglary prevention program by law enforcement. This program encourages citizens to make an inventory of their property and permanently mark their valuables with an identification number, preferably a Driver’s License or ID number. Citizens who participate will discourage the activities of burglars and thieves, have the opportunity to aid in the return of stolen property and assist law enforcement in apprehending and convicting criminals caught with your marked property. 

To participate in the program, download the two forms, complete the required information and show an officer. You will receive two (2) decals once completed:

Operation ID Instruction Sheet

Operation ID Inventory Form

For more information or questions, please contact Lt. Keith at 972.450.7153.

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