Stormwater & Pollution Prevention

Storm drains do not connect to sanitary sewer systems and treatment facilities (yikes!). Which means improperly disposed of oil, grass clippings, plastic bottles, and other hazardous and unsightly materials are released directly into our streams and rivers. Find out more below on how you can protect the water and people of the State of Texas.


To review a citizen's guide to understanding and preventing stormwater pollution, click here.

Stormwater Utility Fee

The Town of Addison has established a Stormwater Utility fee which will be used to fund routine maintenance on pipes, storm drain clean outs, and numerous operational activities such as responding and amending illicit discharges. All of these activities promote a cleaner and healthier water source!

Please click on following links for more information: 
Stormwater Utility FAQ
Stormwater Credit Policy
Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Application


To schedule a HHW home pickup with CWD call 972.392.9300 and click here to view instructions on packing your material under the "HH & EW Door Side Collection Program" tab. There is no additional charge to what you are already paying on your monthly bill for this service!

To view a list of accepted items in this program click here.

Need to dispose of syringes? Learn how to do it safely with the do's and dont's to protect yourself and others.


Pet waste left on streets, pavement, yards, driveways, or along the sides of the road does not magically disappear or fertilize the ground. Improperly disposed animal feces can be picked up by stormwater runoff and carried into storm drains or nearby water resources. Pet waste is a cause of significant stormwater pollution and presents health risks to adults, children, and other pets.

Please PAWS and take a minute to find out more here.


With Residents like you and your conscientious efforts to protect our planet, the Town of Addison is sprouting into a mean, green, environment-friendly machine!

What can you recycle in your home with CWD? Find out here.

You can also find a recycling location for various materials near you! We encourage Residents to call the respective company to make sure they are still taking the listed items.


Do you ever wonder where your water comes from? How it gets to your home or how water quality is determined?

To check out a great guide to answer the questions above along with other water saving tips, click here.

Illegal Dumping & Illicit Discharges are a crime

Help stop illegal dumping and illicit discharges! If you see it, report it to Addison's Environmental Services Official by calling 972.450.2821 or 972.450.2880.

Click here for more information on how to help stop illegal dumping.

Texas Smartscape

When most people hear "Plant Native" in Texas they think of cactus, rocks, and gravel...not the most appealing image for your home landscaping! However, Texas Smartscape provides numerous aesthetically appealing options like the ones shown here. Learn how to design, care, and plant your new environmentally compatible landscape today!

Click here for more information. 

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