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Dedicated to preserving Addison's peace of mind, the Police Department is committed to maintaining our community's standard of excellence and security.

Paul Spencer

Police Chief

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Paul Spencer

Police Chief

Phone: 972.450.7168

Email: policechief@addisontx.gov

Shawn Allen

Police Lieutenant

Phone: 972-450-7146

Email: sallen@addisontx.gov

Chad Hanson

Assistant Police Chief

Phone: 972-450-7175

Email: chanson@addisontx.gov

Denise Keith

CID Police Lieutenant

Phone: 972-450-7153

Email: dkeith@addisontx.gov

Brian Pietsch

Police Lieutenant

Phone: 972-450-7138

Email: bpietsch@addisontx.gov

Blake Potts

Training Lieutenant

Phone: 972-450-7167

Email: bpotts@addisontx.gov

Michael Vincent

Police Captain

Phone: 972-450-7122

Email: mvincent@addisontx.gov

Preserving order and protecting the lives and property of our citizens, the Addison Police Department adheres to the highest ethical standards in service to our community. As the city's peacekeeping partner, we enforce laws and ordinances, safeguard individual liberties and take measures to build public trust and security. Treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect, the department pledges to manage our organization with professionalism, leadership and integrity.


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Calls for Service in 2016

The community feel to Addison comes from building trust and relationships. We are constantly striving to strengthen that bond of trust by building a stronger partnership between the police and the community. The Addison Police Department is proud to host educational seminars, attend crime watch meetings, and speak at community events. The Addison Police Department launched into social media in 2015 to better partner with our community. We believe crime prevention is a partnership with our community. 




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Chief of Police Paul Spencer 972.450.7168 policechief@addisontx.gov
Assistant Chief Chad Hanson 972.450.7175 chanson@addisontx.gov
Police Administration 972.450.7100
Dispatch Non-Emergency Number 972.450.7156
Criminal Investigations 972.450.7130
Property Evidence 972.450.7126
Patrol Supervisor 972.450.7150
Hit-and-Run Investigations 972.450.7147
Animal Control 972.450.2845
Jail  972.466.3335


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